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Some of the world’s finest hotels are situated on their own private islands. Think the Aman Sveti Stefan in Montenegro, Fregate Island in the Seychelles or the Four Seasons Hotel, Bahrain. Burgh Island is no different. This Art Deco retreat is quietly situated on a tidal island off the South Devon Coast, near to Bigbury-on-Sea.

The evenings on Burgh Island are an occasion. Formal attire is a must. Dinner is served in the Ball Room. This grand room is framed by large picture windows on two sides, and elegant 1930s murals on the other. The food is first class with an excellent selection and the staff are very accommodating of special requests. Post-dinner drinks are served from the magnificent Palm Court bar, in all its Art Deco glory, with curves and chrome galore.



A stay at Burgh Island is an experience. It revels in its Art Deco elegance, rekindling the golden era of the 1930s. The hotel is not a museum however. All modern comforts are allowed for and a stay on the island would be equivalent to any other high end hotel. The setting of the hotel on its own island is unique on British shores and the stunning Devon coastline with its expansive beaches and jagged cliffs provides a suitably dramatic backdrop. Rest assured, once experienced, you will want to come back. As your mobile phone signal blinks back to life, you will realise that you didn’t really miss it after all.


  Burgh Island: an island retreat


Arrival at Burgh Island is part of the experience. A narrow road bordered by tall hedgerows meanders through the scenic Devon countryside before surmounting a hill revealing Burgh Island in all its glory. Once contact is made, one of the hotel’s fleet of Land Rovers whisks you across the pristine sand to the hotel itself. When the tide is out, the journey is even more adventurous via the hotel’s infamous sea tractor which has a history of its own. Once securely on terra firma, you are immediately enveloped by the Burgh Island effect. No mobile signal ensures that there are no annoying modern distractions for the length of your stay at least and the absence of TVs in guest rooms avoids any reality shows polluting your Burgh Island experience. For that is the beauty of a Burgh Island stay, it is designed for those looking to detach from the stresses and strains of modern life. Guests will be surprised at how easy it is to decouple from technological ties.

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