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We are always keen to share experiences, ideas and suggestions with fellow travellers about places to go and what to see, and to explore commercial opportunities with travel partners.


In particular, we are excited by the trends that shape how places change and evolve. This means there is always something new for even the most seasoned traveller to explore and appreciate.


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All the photos on this site are original content, and we ask that they are not reproduced without our permission.

Xcapia was created by Pearce Gunne-Jones, a London-based travel writer and habitual globe trotter. Having grown up in the Caribbean, Pearce has travelled extensively across Europe, Africa, Asia and the Americas.  


The Xcapia travel site is designed to give readers original insights into global destinations, whether they are a familiar favourite or a new emerging hotspot.


Even the most well-travelled of destinations have interesting new trends that keep them fresh and ever-changing.


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